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Design in Balance :: Maui Ink Web Design
Maui Ink Web Design was formed to offer web design solutions to Maui's
small to medium-size businesses, and to individuals who are looking
beyond the ordinary.

We believe that a web site designed with balance, a clean simplicity, and
a touch of elegance will speak volumes about your desire to communicate
well with your audience. Most people still come to the Internet primarily to
seek information, with a desire to find what they need quickly, quietly,
and with ease. They do not want to be encumbered with gimmicks, unrelated
information, or distractions. They do, however, appreciate and remember
content that is presented in a visually pleasing way.

Our goal is to work with you on a one-to-one basis to understand the
nature of your organization, your project or your product, and to then
create a web site that has your unique stamp on it.

Good web design is a combination of these ingredients: logic, balance,
simplicity, elegance, speed, ease of retrieval, and well-written content. With
our careful attention to detail, the end result is a web site that honors both
the wishes of our clients and the needs of their viewers.
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